Out-take from Fight 8.

I’ve already stated that things didn’t go to plan with the shoot for Fight 8, but I thought you might like to see one of the things which went wrong. This problem happened during the forfeit so there is nudity most of the way through this video.

Fight 8

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. So many things went wrong with this game that I had considered not publishing it at all. Even with the problems, elements of this game were just too good to consign it to the waste bin. The game was supposed to take place outdoors but unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side. There was a problem with one of the cameras causing us to lose a large chunk of digital tape.


Anyway, I have spent a large amount of time editing the remaining footage and done the best I can with it. The result is a game of Strip Fight between Iyesha, Lucy and Natalie (with a fleeting appearance by a cameraman) and a continuity glitch early on. The forfeit for the unlucky losers is one of our best yet.


I thought it was better to explain the whole thing before you see it. It’s nowhere near as bad as I suspect I’ve made it sound, it’s just not up to the usual editing standard. Some members have requested to see a little more “behind-the-scenes” stuff, so here’s your chance. Both versions are 7 minutes and 11 seconds long, but the high res version is now only available in our video clip store.


As usual here’s the (reduced quality) preview for non-members:

Members can enjoy:

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High Card 37

Today’s update is a rather large photoset of Iyesha, Lucy and Natalie’s Strip Highcard game. There was a little confusion just before this game where the players all wore extra layers of clothing as in their previous game. It was meant to be a one off but the girls liked the idea.


As usual, with three players it means two girls are going to end up naked. Excellent!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 46

It’s been way too long since we had a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors on the site, so here are Iyesha and Natalie to rectify the situation. Better still the unlucky loser of this game will have to suffer an embarrassing (and naked) forfeit!