Spin-the-Bottle 23-6-2004

Annette, Bobbi, Jenny and Anna are back to play another strip game for us. This time it’s a sexy game of spin the bottle – no teams, it’s every girl for herself in this one. Best of all with four players you can be assured that three of them are going to end up completely naked.

Spin-the-Bottle 28-2-2004

Bobbi, Jenny, Annette and Anna get together once again for a very sexy, four player game of spin-the-bottle. Better still this game isn’t going to be over until three lovely girls are stripped completely naked.

High Card 20-1-2004

Another wonderful four player strip game today. The girls split into two teams to play High Card. The members of each team take turns to take a card. When a girl loses a round her teammate must remove an item of clothing too. This game isn’t over until one team is stripped naked.

Pontoon 20-12-2003

Another wonderful four player strip game today. Anna, Bobbi, Annette and Jenny are going to play a game of Strip Pontoon. There will only be one naked loser this time but her embarrassment will be heightened by a bit of a forfeit.

Darts 29-11-2003

Here’s a first for our site – FOUR players! For this game the girls have split into two teams. We have Anna and Annette versus Bobbi and Jenny. Same rules as usual and the members of each team take turns to throw the dart.