Strip Minefield 17-12-2014

Vicky and Yasmin are here to play a sexy game of Strip Minefield. I love this game, you never know which item of clothing is going to be coming off next. Lots of fun, but whatever order the clothing comes off, someone is still going to end up stripped completely naked!

Strip Darts 26-11-2014

Vicky and Yasmin are back to try out another game, Darts this time. Will Vicky make it two in a row? Or will Yasmin succeed in winning this one? Darts may be a game of skill but with these two playing luck will be the biggest factor in which girl ends up stripped completely naked.
A bonus feature with this game is that the winner of each round gets to directly remove an item of clothing from the loser.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 12-11-2014

Vicky and Yasmin are here to try out a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. With these two women playing, we’re going to win whichever player loses. We shouldn’t express any favouritism but I know which of these two I want to lose this game!