Strip Sudden Death 25-4-2018

Nerissa, Penny and Shelley are going to play Strip Sudden Death, via a single round of High Card. The stakes are high for this one. The player who loses the first round, has to strip completely naked! Always an exciting game and extra embarrassing for the unlucky loser, especially with a couple of little, naked forfeits for her.
As is usually the case, viewing all the preview photos will give away who loses this sexy game.

Spin-the-Bottle 11-1-2018

Shelley and Penny are determined that Nerissa is going to lose a strip game, so they persuade her to play another one. This one will be played until two girls are completely naked, so they should be in with a good chance of getting Nerissa naked! This is another game where I’d really like them all to lose.

Spin-the-Bottle 30-12-2012

Our Christmas update for 2012 is a very sexy game of Spin-the-Bottle played by Penny, Megan and Cara, complete with Christmas hats! Because it’s Christmas the festive hats have to be the last item removed during the game. That’s going to be embarrassing for them. Of course three players means two naked losers.

Sudden Death 2-4-2012

Shelley wants to play Sudden Death again. She lost last time and she feels she’s unlikely to lose two in a row. This will be her chance to win rather than lose this time.
Will she pull it off?

Dice 29-2-2012

Shelley, Nerissa and Penny are back to play another game. This time Penny wants them to give Strip Dice a go, with the game continuing until two girls are naked. Better still the winner gets to choose a couple of embarrassing forfeits for the two unlucky losers!