Strip Darts 26-11-2014

Vicky and Yasmin are back to try out another game, Darts this time. Will Vicky make it two in a row? Or will Yasmin succeed in winning this one? Darts may be a game of skill but with these two playing luck will be the biggest factor in which girl ends up stripped completely naked.
A bonus feature with this game is that the winner of each round gets to directly remove an item of clothing from the loser.

Strip Darts 1-10-2014

Jasmine and Talia return to play a game of Strip Darts, this time with an embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser. Excellent! I love the contrast between these two, Jasmine’s smaller, petite build compared to the curvier Talia with her larger frame. I wish they could both lose this game!


Strip Darts 30-8-2014

The lovely duo of Jasmine and Talia return to play a game of Darts. Standard rules for this one: Both players throw one dart each and the player with the lowest score has to remove an item of clothing. First girl completely naked has to perform an embarrassing forfeit in the nude!

Strip Darts 10-7-2014

Talia suggests that Phoebe and Caley play a sexy game of Strip Darts with her. Both girls are more than happy to give it another go. This game isn’t over until two of these gorgeous girls are stripped completely naked.

Strip Darts 28-5-2014

Three gorgeous girls, Caley, Phoebe & Talia, are back to play a very sexy game of Strip Darts. With beauties like this playing, we can’t lose this one. Two of these girls are going to end up completely naked and there’s a small but embarrassing nude forfeit at the end.

Strip Darts 21-3-2014

Three very hot girls are back today. Carol, Lacey & Caley play Strip Darts. Supposedly a game of skill but, the way these girls play, I’m not so sure! Anyway, the most skilful girl should win the game and the other two players are going to end up completely nude and doing a twirl.

Strip Darts 10-6-2013

Trinity and Abigail are enjoying coffee and a chat when their neighbour Dan arrives with his dartboard and darts. He wants them both to play Strip Darts with him and challenges them to a game. The big question is: Just how good is he with darts?

Strip Darts 5-5-2013

Holly and Jasmine are back. Holly wants another chance to beat Jasmine, but Jasmine’s going to take some persuading to play again. Will an embarrassing forfeit for the loser be enough to get her to play?

Strip Sudden Death 21-4-2013

Jasmine and Holly are back for their second strip game together. This time it’s a high stakes game of darts, played Sudden Death style! The rules are simple for this one. They play a single round of darts and the player with the highest score has to strip completely naked while her opponent just enjoys the show. Maximum embarrassment in this one as the winner stays fully clothed.

Strip Darts 7-4-2013

Today the ever popular Jasmine introduces a friend of hers to the website. Please welcome Holly to the site as she plays her first game of Strip Darts. Will experience win the day or will beginner’s luck prove unbeatable? Whichever you can rest assured that one of these two lovely girls is going to end up stripped completely naked.