High Low 6

Jordana gets talked into playing a game of High Low via an online video chat room. The poor girl doesn’t seem to know that is an unwise thing to do, especially as we are here to watch her play!

High Low 5

Charlie and Tearry are back to try out another game in the garden. This time it’s a large photoset of them playing an exciting game of Strip Highcard. They play until a player who is already naked loses another round.

High Low 4

Abbi is back for her second appearance on this website, again with her friend Tracey. They play another game of Strip High Low but this time in a photoset instead of a video. Just to forewarn you, there are a lot of photos in this game! I don’t really know how it worked out this way but we went beyond our normal range.

High Low 1.

Amber, Bex and Maisie are back to try out a game we have not featured previously. The rules are really quite simple, guess whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the last one and if you get it wrong you lose an item of clothing!


And of course three players means two unlucky and naked losers!


High Low 1 (a) High Low 1 (b) High Low 1 (c)