High Card 22-7-2015

Sexy dresses time today!
The very popular Saskia and Hafwen are back to play another game. This time after an evening out at a nightclub they try out a game of Strip High Card. Which one do you want to win? Or, more importantly, lose!

High Card 8-7-2015

Amber, Bex and Maisie are back to play High Card. It’s a pretty straightforward game where each player draws a card. The highest card wins but, more importantly, the lowest value card loses. The winner of the game is the last girl still wearing any clothes at all. I don’t know which of these three I most want to end up naked.

High Card 3-6-2015

Hafwen and Saskia are back to play a sexy game of Strip High Card. With lovely players like these two girls, we really can’t lose this one, no matter who wins and who loses. Either way a beautiful girl is going to end up stripped completely naked.

Strip High Card 22-4-2015

After losing their last game together, Jasmine manages to persuade Chrissy to give her a
rematch at Strip High Card. The question is: Will Jasmine lose again or can she get her own back? There’s only one way to find out! Whoever wins, one of these girls is going to end up stripped completely naked. Even better there is an embarrassing little forfeit for the loser of this game.

Strip High Card 1-4-2015

Today we have Jasmine and Chrissy trying out a game of High Card. I don’t know which of these two lovely girls I most want to lose this game, but what I do know is however this one plays out, we win!
Better still the winner of each round of this game gets to directly remove an item of clothing from the loser. How sexy is that?