Strip High Card 8-10-2014

Popular trio Oriana, Amelia and Carrie are back to play a straight-forward game of Strip High Card. Usual rules, all players draw one card from the deck and the player with the lowest scoring card has to remove an item of her clothing. The game isn’t over until two of these lovely girls are stripped completely naked! Oh, and did I mention that the winner gets to choose an embarrassing forfeit for the two naked losers?

Strip High Card 4-8-2014

The gorgeous trio of Talia, Caley and Phoebe are back to play another sexy game of Strip High Card. This time there is an embarrassing forfeit for the two unlucky and naked losers! With three beauties like this playing whoever loses it won’t be us!

Strip High Card 11-5-2014

Three gorgeous girls sit down to play a fantastic game of Strip High Card. Sometimes I wish that all three players would end up naked, but sadly we have to make do with just two of these lovelies losing the game and ending up stripped completely naked!

Strip High Card 1-12-2013

Gemma, Kamilia and Eva are going to try out a game of Strip High Card today. Three lovely players means that we end up with two lovely and naked losers. Better still there’s an embarrassing little forfeit for the losers of this game.

Strip Sudden Death 24-9-2013

Wow, oh wow! I know that Strip Sudden Death can be an acquired taste. Some people don’t like that the game can be over quite quickly, others love the risk and anticipation, knowing that the loser of a round gets no second chance, no opportunity to recover. Any girl losing a round is immediately required to strip completely naked.


I think this one will win round even the most ardent detractors. With four stunning girls, playing a game of Strip Sudden Death in the garden, you know that three of them are going to have to strip completely naked outdoors. Very sexy!

High Card 29-8-2013

This is a nice game of Strip High Card between Caley and Jasmine but with an interesting twist. In this game the winner of each round gets to choose which item of clothing they are going to remove from the unlucky loser. As usual, the game isn’t over until somebody’s completely naked!

Spin-the-Bottle 26-7-2013

After losing their last game, Kamilia (right) wants to play another strip game. Gemma reluctantly agrees to play but the game doesn’t go anything like both girls expected!

High Card 11-7-2013

Kamilia and Gemma are here to try out a game of Strip High Card. Nice easy game for them to start with, but made all the more exciting with an embarrassing forfeit for the naked loser.

Sudden Death 15-7-2012

Leslie and Shelley return to try out a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death. Usual rules with this one: First player to lose a round has to strip completely naked. Very embarrassing!

Sudden Death 15-6-2012

Nerissa has not had the best run of luck again Yvonne. In today’s update she challenges Yvonne to a game of Strip Sudden Death in the hope that her luck will finally change. This is a quick but high stakes game. A single round of High Card decides which girl gets to keep her clothes on and which girl gets stripped totally naked. Which of these two lovely women do you want to end up naked and embarrassed?