Strip High Card 12-4-2017

Sexy duo Kerri and Violetta T. are back to try out another game of Strip High Card. This time they play it sitting on the sofa in the living room. To make this game even more fun, the winner of each round gets to choose which item of clothing the loser must take off. Usual rules apply – first player completely naked loses the game and has to suffer an embarrassing little forfeit too.

Strip High Card 15-3-2017

Fans of Kaz and Lilly will be happy to see today’s sexy update. Both girls are back to try out a game of Strip Highcard, this time with an embarrassing little forfeit for the unlucky (and completely naked!) loser. But I am not going to announce what that forfeit is here. You will have to see the photos to find out!

Sudden Death 11-1-2017

Three of my favourites are playing a strip game today. It’s a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death played by Emma, Demi and Tyler, this time decided by a simple round of High Card. The rules are incredibly simple: All three players take a card and the one with the lowest value has to immediately strip completely naked in front of the other players. That’s got to be very embarrassing for whoever loses this game.

Please note: Going beyond the first page of preview photos will give away the outcome of the game.

Strip High Card 14-12-2016

Sativa and Violetta return to play another game of Strip High Card in the empty bar. The loser of the last game wants a chance to get her own back! Will she succeed this time, or will she lose all her clothes again?

Sudden Death 16-11-2016

Carmen, Paige and Tracey are back for another game of Strip Sudden Death. They play a single round of High Card and the loser has to get naked. This time the loser tries to refuse to undress so the other players give her a helping hand and then insist that she does a few things naked before they let her put her clothes back on!

This video is available in two quality options, each running to 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:
Please note: Playing the preview will give away who loses this game.

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