Strip Minefield 5-7-2017

Samantha enjoyed her last game against Kacy and is keen to play her again. She’s confident that she can beat her, even though the game of choice, Minefield, is a game of total chance. Let’s find out if her confidence is justified! Whoever wins, the other player is going to end up stripped completely naked.

Strip Minefield 22-2-2017

Samantha A. and Jessie are back again, this time to try out a game of Strip Minefield. They begin by playing a round of Rock-paper-Scissors to decide who gets to draw the first card but that doesn’t go quite to plan. I think they were going to set a new record for a single round of Rock-Paper-Scissors before one of the players intervened! Anyway, this very sexy game of Strip Minefield does get going and doesn’t finish until one of these two lovely girls has ended up completely naked. I don’t want to give anything away, but keep an eye on Samantha. I think she really likes Jessie’s breasts.

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Minefield 9-11-2016

Today we have two lovely American girls, here to play a very sexy game for us all. Gorgeous redhead Rosanna challenges buxom Kella to play Strip Minefield. This is always an exciting game because, not only is it impossible to predict which player will lose and end up stripped completely naked, but you never know what order the items of clothing are going to come off. Whatever order they lose their clothes in, someone’s ending up nude.

Minefield 27-1-2016

Charlie and Tearry are back to play another game. Today it is Strip Minefield, played outdoors in the back garden of the house. As usual with this game, we have no way of predicting which order their items of clothing will come off, but I can predict that the unlucky loser of this game will end up stripped completely naked outdoors.

There was a little confusion in this game (I don’t think they fully understood the rules!), but the outcome of this sexy game was unaffected.

Strip Dice 29-7-2015

Fans of Kella and/or Selene will be pleased to see that these two girls have returned to play a game of Strip Dice, this time with a deck of Minefield cards to choose which article of clothing gets removed in each round. Will Kella manage to end her losing streak today?