Pontoon 13-4-2016

Courtney and Jess try out a game of Strip Pontoon in the kitchen. Normal rules apply, of course, and the game isn’t over until one of the two players is stripped completely naked. Better still the winner of this one gets to choose a little forfeit for the unlucky loser.

Pontoon 27-6-2012

I have to say that this is one of my favourite photosets. An excellent game of Strip Pontoon between Nerissa and Viola, which gets interrupted shortly after it starts and ends up becoming a very sexy three-way game with two naked losers!

Pontoon 29

Violetta T makes the mistake of playing a strip game with one of her online friends, using her webcam.
You just know that this isn’t going to go well for her!

Pontoon 27

Jordana tries her hand at playing Strip Pontoon against a friend of hers via webcam, and of course we get to watch her.

Pontoon 24-10-2010

After losing the last game they played together, Demi challenges Michelle to another one, this time a straightforward game of Strip Pontoon. Michelle agrees to play, but on condition that Demi has to perform an embarrassing forfeit of her choosing should she lose a second time! Demi still wants to beat Michelle but will she risk the extra humiliation if she loses again? Of course she will!