Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 13-8-2014

Ronda and Kamilia are back to play another game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. There’s no forfeit at the end of this game but with two beauties playing and the winner of each round choosing what the loser has to take off, this should be a fascinating game!

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 6-6-2014

Today we have a fantastic Rock-Paper-Scissors game for you all. This time it’s the lovely Kamilia and Ronda playing against each other, and to make the whole game even more exciting we said that the winner of each round gets to choose what the loser takes off. That opens up a whole new way for the winner to embarrass the loser of each round!

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 5-11-2013

Back from sunbathing by the pool, Fleur and Kamilia decide to play a game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. This game isn’t going to take long as the girls are only wearing bikinis and towels, but whichever girl ends up naked she’s going to get an embarrassing forfeit.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 27-10-2013

Caley has persuaded her friend Maggie to try out a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To increase the element of risk for them, they will play this one in the garden. As if watching these two very sexy girls playing a strip game outdoors isn’t enough fun, there’s also a highly embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky loser!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 4-8-2013

Hermione, Caley, Sabrielle and Jasmine are back for a second game. They’re going to play another game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors using the same teams as before. Will the same pair win or will they end up stripped naked? I just love four player games, especially when they are played outdoors.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 19-7-2013

Please welcome two lovely new girls to the site. Today the ever popular Caley and Jasmine introduce their friends Sabrielle and Hermione with a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still, as if watching four amazing girls losing their clothes in a game isn’t good enough, they play this one out in the garden. What better way to take advantage of the hot weather?

Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors 12-5-2013

Dan is watching television when he gets a surprise visit from Abigail & Trinity. They want him to referee their game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. Life doesn’t get much better than that! Sometimes I really envy him.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 3-2-2012

Ingrid and Becca try to persuade Gillian to play another strip game with them. She’s won two of their last three games together and they both want a chance to beat her, this time at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Will she play them and risk getting naked? Of course she will!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 18-11-2012

Ingrid introduces two of her friends, Becca and Gillian, to strip games with this very sexy game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. A highly enjoyable game but better still there is an embarrassing (and naked) forfeit for the two unlucky losers.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 11-11-2012

Late one night, Pasha and Nadine find that they are unable to get to sleep. Pasha suggests that they play a game (a sexy strip game of course!) for a while to make themselves tired. The decide to play Rock-Paper-Scissors until one unfortunate girl is totally naked.