Rock-Paper-Scissor 12-10-2016

Sativa and Violetta are back for another game in the bar (sadly empty this time). Today they are going to play a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still the winner gets to spank the naked loser’s bare bottom!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 3-8-2016

Lovely duo, Kerri and Violetta T. are back to play a very sexy game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. Always a fun game but the winner of this one is particularly harsh on the unlucky (and completely naked!) loser of this game. Both players have decided to wear extra clothing as a precaution, but we all know that won’t make any difference. Someone’s still going to end up naked and embarrassed.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 22-6-2016

Kerri and Violetta T. are back for another sexy game. This time they try out Rock-Paper-Scissors. With both girls very keen to win this one it should be an interesting game, especially with a little, embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky and completely naked loser!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 30-3-2016

Today’s update features Jessie and Samantha A. They play the classic strip game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, this time with an embarrassing (and naked!) forfeit for the unlucky loser. It’s impossible to predict how the game will come out, but I really wish both of these lovely girls would end up stripped naked at the end of this one.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 9-3-2016

Feisty duo Demi and Sarah are back to play another game, this time a very sexy instance of Rock-Paper-Scissors. In this photoset, the winner of each round gets to directly remove the item of clothing of her choice from the unlucky loser. Better still the completely naked loser of this one has to suffer a brief but embarrassing forfeit. Excellent fun!