Rock-Paper-Scissors 25-1-2017

Today’s strip game photoset features popular duo Demi and Michelle playing a fiercely sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. It’s a simple game where the loser of each round must let her opponent remove an item of her clothing. There’s a very small forfeit at the end of this one too.

Rock-Paper-Scissor 12-10-2016

Sativa and Violetta are back for another game in the bar (sadly empty this time). Today they are going to play a sexy game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Better still the winner gets to spank the naked loser’s bare bottom!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 3-8-2016

Lovely duo, Kerri and Violetta T. are back to play a very sexy game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors. Always a fun game but the winner of this one is particularly harsh on the unlucky (and completely naked!) loser of this game. Both players have decided to wear extra clothing as a precaution, but we all know that won’t make any difference. Someone’s still going to end up naked and embarrassed.

Rock-Paper-Scissors 22-6-2016

Kerri and Violetta T. are back for another sexy game. This time they try out Rock-Paper-Scissors. With both girls very keen to win this one it should be an interesting game, especially with a little, embarrassing forfeit for the unlucky and completely naked loser!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 30-3-2016

Today’s update features Jessie and Samantha A. They play the classic strip game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, this time with an embarrassing (and naked!) forfeit for the unlucky loser. It’s impossible to predict how the game will come out, but I really wish both of these lovely girls would end up stripped naked at the end of this one.