Strip Sudden Death 13-5-2015

Chrissy and Jasmine are back to try out another strip game. This time it’s one we haven’t seen in a while, far too long in fact. So watch and enjoy as the girls play Strip Sudden Death. Whichever player takes the first loss ends up naked. Better make that first move count, girls!

Please note: Viewing the 2nd page of preview photos below will give away the outcome of this game.

Strip Sudden Death 24-4-2014

Today’s update is a high-stakes game of Strip Sudden Death. The girls, Honey and Sally, play a single round of coin toss. The loser not only has to strip completely naked while her opponent watches, but also suffers an embarrassing forfeit of the winner’s choosing. It’s got to be pretty humiliating to know that so much rides on the single toss of a coin!

Note: Viewing the final 3 preview photos will give away the winner of the game.

Strip Sudden Death 24-9-2013

Wow, oh wow! I know that Strip Sudden Death can be an acquired taste. Some people don’t like that the game can be over quite quickly, others love the risk and anticipation, knowing that the loser of a round gets no second chance, no opportunity to recover. Any girl losing a round is immediately required to strip completely naked.

I think this one will win round even the most ardent detractors. With four stunning girls, playing a game of Strip Sudden Death in the garden, you know that three of them are going to have to strip completely naked outdoors. Very sexy!

Strip Sudden Death 21-4-2013

Jasmine and Holly are back for their second strip game together. This time it’s a high stakes game of darts, played Sudden Death style! The rules are simple for this one. They play a single round of darts and the player with the highest score has to strip completely naked while her opponent just enjoys the show. Maximum embarrassment in this one as the winner stays fully clothed.

Strip Sudden Death 10-3-2013

The ever popular trio of Frieda, Nadine and Rianna are back to play another game together. Today they are wearing very sexy little dresses. The game is Strip Sudden Death played via a game of darts.The loser of each round has to let the other two players immediately strip her completely naked. No room for mistakes in this game!