Sudden Death 2-12-2012

For their second strip game the three girls are going to play Sudden Death, Spin-the-Bottle style! Becca, Gillian and Ingrid start out clothed but two of them are going to get naked, very quickly. As if that isn’t embarrassing enough, the unlucky losers will have to suffer a spanking forfeit too!

Sudden Death 28-10-2012

After a fun evening, Imogen, Nerissa and Faye decide to play a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death. This one will be played until there are two completely naked losers with a few embarrassing, and nude, forfeits thrown in for good measure.

Sudden Death 19-8-2012

Today Jane is back, this time with new girls Faye and Hannah. To give them an simple introduction we got them to play a game of Strip Sudden Death via Spin-the-Bottle. No forfeits in this one, but I can assure you that two of these lovely ladies end up stripped completely naked.

Sudden Death 15-7-2012

Leslie and Shelley return to try out a sexy game of Strip Sudden Death. Usual rules with this one: First player to lose a round has to strip completely naked. Very embarrassing!

Sudden Death 15-6-2012

Nerissa has not had the best run of luck again Yvonne. In today’s update she challenges Yvonne to a game of Strip Sudden Death in the hope that her luck will finally change. This is a quick but high stakes game. A single round of High Card decides which girl gets to keep her clothes on and which girl gets stripped totally naked. Which of these two lovely women do you want to end up naked and embarrassed?