Sudden Death 4-5-2012

Today Shelley introduces a lovely new girl to the site. Leslie’s first game will be Sudden Death played via a single round of High Card. Which girl is going to end up stripping naked?

Sudden Death 2-4-2012

Shelley wants to play Sudden Death again. She lost last time and she feels she’s unlikely to lose two in a row. This will be her chance to win rather than lose this time.
Will she pull it off?

Sudden Death 11-2-2012

Nerissa, Penny and Shelley are going to play Strip Sudden Death, via a single round of High Card. The stakes are high for this one. The player who loses the first round, has to strip completely naked.

Sudden Death 45

Naudia and Jordana are back to try out a different game. This time the stakes ride on a single round of High Card. The girl who loses that round has to let the winner strip her naked. Better still they play in a bar and they are not alone.

Sudden Death 44

Demi and Michelle L are back to give Sudden Death one last try. They sit down to play a single round of High Card and the lucky winner gets to strip the unlucky loser completely naked. Better still the loser has to suffer a little forfeit too. Both versions of this video run to 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

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Demi & Michelle play Strip Sudden Death on video

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