Our Videos

One of the highlights of StripGameCentral is our growing collection of high quality videos both of games and some auditions too. Many people have asked what they need to play our videos and what format they are in, so to address this, here is everything you need to know:

Our most recent videos are available sizes DVD quality (720×576) and some in FullHD too. We have a size and quality to suit everyone. Those who want truly excellent picture quality can enjoy the amazing clarity offered by FullHD, and those with smaller screens or limited storage capacity can opt for the SD version instead. Better still, just like all our photos sets, all videos in the members’ area are available to download and keep.

Here’s the (reduced quality) preview of one of our recent games for non-members:

Resolution: Our latest videos are available for download at three resolutions, including the simply amazing Full-HD (1920×1080), HD (1280×720) and Standard Definition (720×405). Most of our previous videos are available at both High-Quality 720×576 (DVD) resolution and Low Quality (still 720×576 but at a lower bitrate/quality resulting in much smaller files). Our oldest videos are only available at low quality or 352×288. Lower quality versions of all videos are left on the site indefinitely. That’s another of many reasons to maintain a recurring membership so you don’t miss out on the best quality versions.

Format: Almost all our videos are in MP4 (h264) format, providing excellent picture quality whilst keeping file sizes reasonable. Most people will find that Windows Media Player will quite happily play these videos but those who do not are advised to download KMPlayer (free) as this does an excellent job of playing our videos. Of course there are also many other video players out there which will happily play them too. We recommend KMPlayer as it is free, still works well with slower computers and has excellent playback quality.