Strip Spin-the-Bottle 26-7-2017

Iyesha, Lucy and Natalie are back for another sexy game together. This time they play Spin-the-Bottle on video with a very embarrassing forfeit for both of the unlucky (and naked!) losers. As usual, the players take turns spinning the bottle and each time the bottle points to a player she must remove an item of clothing. The first two players stripped completely naked are the losers. This was another experiment with recording using two video cameras and but we still need to do some work on matching the exposure settings.

As usual this video is available three quality versions, all running to almost 10 minutes. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:

Club members have a choice of three versions to download and keep:

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 348MB – High quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 177MB – Standard quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 107MB – Lower quality)

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