Strip Dice 15-8-2018

Alex (short hair) and Kella (long hair) return today to try out a game of Strip Dice. Will Kella win again or will Alex get her revenge for their previous match? With these two beauties playing, I don’t know who I most want to lose this very sexy game!

Strip Dice 4-7-2018

Xena is back, with Hope and Nicole. This gorgeous threesome sits down to play a rather sexy game of Strip Dice, not stopping until two of the players are stripped completely naked. Better still, one of the unlucky, naked losers has to suffer an embarrassing forfeit of the winner’s choosing. That should prove humiliating for her!

Strip Dice 1-3-2018

Lovely trio, Carmen, Paige and Tracey are back to give Strip Dice a go today, this time on video. As the rules they used last time worked so well we got the girls to follow the very same rules this time, and, of course, with three players we get to enjoy two completely naked losers.

As usual this video is available three quality versions, all running to just shy of 11 minutes. Watch the (reduced quality) preview video here:

Club members have a choice of three versions to download:

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 227MB – High quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 127MB – Standard quality)

MP4 – 720×576 (DVD PAL – 68MB – Lower quality)

Strip Dice 14-10-2015

Fans of Carmen, Paige and Tracey will be pleased to find out that the three sexy girls are back to try out a game of Strip Dice. Instead of our usual rules for this one (the lowest score loses) we gave each of the possible scores from a roll a specific meaning:

1 – Safe.
2 – Remove one item of clothing.
3 – Choose another player to remove one item of clothing.
4 – Remove one item of clothing.
5 – Choose an item of clothing for another player to remove if you will also remove that item.
6 – Remove two items of clothing.

This way of playing dice should make for a seriously interesting game. As usual the game isn’t over until two players are stripped completely naked.


Strip Dice 30-9-2015

Blondes Abbi and Tracey are back to try out a game of Strip Dice. Better still the winner of the game gets to pick a very embarrassing forfeit for the poor, naked loser! With two gorgeous players, a sexy forfeit and far more than the average number of photos in this update, I think you’ll all like this one.