Strip Game Rules

Many of the most frequent questions we receive are about the rules of the many strip games on People want to know how each of the games are played, how strict we are in applying the rules and what variations we have tried out during the games.


Well now you can find out! Listed below are all our types of strip game. Just click on the game you wish to know more about and you will be taken to a dedicated page to explain the rules.


Archery – Badminton – Catch – Coin Toss – Darts – Dice


Dodge – Draughts – Fight – Football – Highcard


High Low – Minefield – Obey – Poker – Pontoon


Rock-Paper-Scissors (Scissors-Paper-Stone) – Spin-the-Bottle


Statue – Sudden Death – Tickle -Vote – Wall of Misfortune


Three sexy girls playing a strip card game Two sexy girls losing a strip game out in the garden Four fantastic girls playing strip fight outdoors


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